“When the business, which is now known as COLI, was originally started, nearly twenty years ago, we were one of their first customers. At that time, we lived near Bellaire, MI. . I was in the initial stage of recovery from a brain stem injury. Joe Gaylord set up a computer in that home and provided internet service. When we moved to Norwood, MI, he extended their WiFi coverage further North to provide us with superb speed and great reliability. As events developed we moved, >250 miles South of their corporate headquarters, to Adrian, MI. Unfortunately, even though we are between the larger cities of Toledo, OH, and Jackson and Ann Arbor, MI, we have not been able to find an acceptable alternative to the great service and tech support which COLI provided. Although some advertise (and charge for) speeds in excess of 25 Mb, the “big time”, nation-wide operator down here has very poor speeds and charges exorbitant rates for service which, at best, leaves a lot to be desired. Clearly, COLI does what they say they will – and does it with great class and reliability. They have hosted our website, CFLImpact.com, since its inception shortly after we moved south. Their service and support is far beyond anything else we have seen and completely fulfills the need. They set the gold standard for service and reliability. Our greatest regret is, that due to our geographic separation, we are unable to get your superb internet service down here. You have truly earned our business. Thank you, COLI, for being there for our needs.”

Straub – Long time customer