Frequently Asked Questions

How fast is my service?

186fiber offers download and upload speeds up to 1000meg/sec. 186wireless offers up to 75meg/sec download speeds and up to 25meg/sec upload speeds. Both 186fiber and 186wireless are far faster than Cable or DSL services.

How reliable is my service?

Because we have a direct link to the Internet, 186fiber and 186wireless are the most reliable Internet connections in Northern Michigan. Our “up time” is over 99.99%!

Are there contracts?

That’s up to you. You can choose a contract for up to two years of service. Or you can opt to have no contract at all. We’re happy to discuss either option with you.

What’s the cost?

After installation, service costs $65 per month with UNLIMITED data and video

Can I bundle services and save even more?

Absolutely! You can add phone service with unlimited domestic calling for just $30 more a month. Depending on your Internet service, you could save up to $40 a month or more!

Who do I call for support?

That’s the great thing about working with 186networks….we’re local! So we’re always here, ready to help, with 24/7 technical support. Just call 888-299-0071. You can even stop by our offices. Our hours are 8:00am – 5:00pm, Monday through Friday.