186networks Services

Slashband – Fiber Internet

It’s the fastest broadband yet, delivered over Fiber Optic Connections, and offering service latency and speeds far faster than Cable or DSL. Imagine up to 1Gbps download x 1Gbps upload speeds. – Sign me up

Slashband Internet

186networks continues to expand its fiber network. If you currently can’t get Slashband Fiber service, consider our Slashband Wireless; an exceptional service with speeds in excess of Cable or DSL.  Slashband Wireless delivers speeds up to 75Mbps download and 25Mbps upload – all without data caps. – Sign me up

Slashband TV

Slashband TV is a new innovated TV service from 186networks. Gone are the packages that the big TV companies like to do, where they make you pay for many channels you don’t watch. We designed our TV service to give you the greatest flexibility possible to choose the programs that are important to you. Basic packages starts at $24.95 / month – Contact 186


Take control of your Internet Connection and put restrictions on your internet connection. Features include Mange Screen Time, Filter Content, Track Browser History, Pause the Internet, enable safe search and much much more. Contact 186

Slashband Phone & Fax Service

Move away from the expensive phone company and move to 186networks! We offer phone service with unlimited calling in all of the USA.

If you have a business, we do also offer phone systems (PBX) that allows all the features you are looking for. Our systems support remote extensions, IVR menu’s, calling groups, and many other features.

Prices start at $30 / month per line. Call us today for a free quote. – Contact 186

Interested in bundling your phone and Internet for even greater savings?  Contact us today for a Free Quotation.