A note of sincere thanks to  186 Network fiber optic installers and technical support people for the outstanding service we are receiving from 186 Network. You and your fine service have completely changed out Internet life. Being that we live in a fairly remote area of Northport with trees and hills, we have had to rely on satellite Internet since we moved up north from the metro-Detroit area 11 years ago.
Satellite Internet worked reasonably well with a slow speed which we got used to as we really had no other options. Due to the diligence of our Homeowners Association Board of Directors and their time and effort in discussing the installation of fiber optic Internet service with 186 Network we now are really into the 21st Century and reaping the benefits of all of their hard work and time.  We  simply THRILLED with the speed and efficiency of the fiber optic system and are just astounded at how fast the various website that we use on a daily basis open up and how much faster we can get our work accomplished.
186networks was simply wonderful to work with – professional, caring, knowledgeable and they made the whole process of switching from satellite to fiber optics understandable and easy for us as we are not technically savvy people. The gentlemen who dug a trench through the woods and ran the fiber optic line to the house were equally as gracious and professional. In a “nut shell” we are just delighted with the new system and thank you for all of your hard work in making this high speed possible for us and our Northport neighbors and for enhancing our Internet lives.
Best wishes to all of you as you move forward with technology and we look forward to doing continued business with 186 Network.
Sherry – Northport Customer