Slashband Fiber Service, with Internet download and upload speeds up to 1Gbps. 

Slashband Fiber Plans start as low as $79.95 / month.

Be part of the Gig revolution with 186networks!  Enjoy speeds and latency far faster then Cable or any other service in the area. With Slashband Fiber, you get the very best at the speed of Light.    Enjoy service reliability and speeds that those that pay for dedicated connections enjoy.

Compared to the current offerings of DSL and Cable, Slashband Fiber service is multiple times faster.
186 Slashband Fiber --1Gig/1000Mbps Speeds--
Cable Company 100Mbps
DSL 10Mbps

Below is our existing Fiber network in Rapid City / Northern Kalkaska County and West Leelanau County.
Click on the Expansion Areas, to see our Project areas and Pin your location as interested on the Map

Not seeing your Fiber Coverage.  There are other great options in our wireless Internet plans

Rapid City FiberLeelanau FiberExpansion Areas
These are areas 186networks would like to go next with our High Speed Fiber Project. Click on the Area, then click on the map where your business or home is.